Hello, my name is Kei Hattori.

I love movies!  There are a lot of crappy things in life, no matter how good your life is everyone has to deal with hardships that can put a downer on life. That is where movies come into play for me, it is a great way to spend two hours and get away from all that. Movies can take you to amazing places, meet some fantastic characters, and go on grand adventures!

That is why I love movies they are a great source of inspiration and hope. Even though they are make believe and most movies are very contrived to end in eye rolling unbelievable happy ways there are still many great lessons and moments to take away from movies and the stories and characters found within them. That’s the one thing I hope I can bring to everyone, the realization that movies can be so much more than just a way to pass time. It can be great way to see ourselves, reach down inside us and inspire us to be become something great. I don’t mean in the fantastical ways that the heroes in the movies do but more in the sense of their spirit with the same unyielding philosophy and with that philosophy we can do great things on a smaller scale. How about when we watch our favorite characters go through trials or hardship we relate to them use their example to find the strength inside to work through those trials and conflicts.

Some people may say movies are a waste of time but you and I both know that movies are where great things are born. They inspire us to create and imagine, they can teach and motivate, they can help heal, even save lives, and most of all they are a safe place to have fun! So I hope by reading this blog you can have some fun and your love of movies can grow!

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Thanks, Kei