The Accountant Review


Synopsis: As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.


The Accountant turned out to be a very different movie than I thought it was going to be based on the trailers leading up to the movie, but nonetheless this movie directed by Gavin O’Connell was enthralling.  This movie had an ending that took a completely unexpected turn from where I thought the movie was going almost to the point of bordering on a bit stupid which I will try and get into more without going into too much spoilers. Ben Affleck shows off his acting chops once again as a genius that is also a high functioning autistic man. This movie does run into a few problems though and I will highlight those later in the review. So let’s get started and see why I enjoyed the Accountant so much.

I really liked the beginning of the movie it throws the audience right into a tense and mysterious situation and sets the tone that you’re in for an action packed thrill ride right off the bat. We are introduced to The Accountant, I call him that because they never actually tell you his real name he just uses a bunch of aliases, as a child along with his parents struggling to deal with his condition. Throughout the movie we get more and more development of his character through these flash backs while the present day action is happening. Most of the action doesn’t start happening till half way though the movie but it’s never boring because this movie moves at a quick pace and we're taught more and more about who this mysterious Accountant is. I loved how you got to know his character by his actions, instead of having someone sitting there explaining how he’s a good man with pure intentions they have a brief scene of him helping an old farming couple get creative tax breaks so they don’t lose their farm. Stuff like that made me really invested in him and kept me wanting to learn more. Once it did get to the action it was awesome and it’s interesting, because he’s autistic he has trouble empathizing with people in general so when it’s time to kill he’s incredible precise and brutal. I want to mention the humor too, there’s quite a lot of it in this movie even though it has a pretty serious tone, however it works because much of it is played off of the fact that The Accountant has a difficult time conveying emotion and relating to people so it fits within the movie and the established tone.

A couple things I took issue with was some of the story elements like the US Treasury investigation subplot and the ending. Firstly the US treasury investigation I felt wasn’t needed in the movie for the most part. It gave you some more information about The Accountant from his criminal underworld dealing side and an well done performance by J.K. Simmons but the two story lines don’t affect each other that much and there’s never any real resolution with this and feels tacked on to give the movie a longer run time. The ending to this movie came out of left field for me. I literally did not expect this at all and caught me totally off guard and how the events unfolded was kind of stupid too in that it felt like it resolved nothing.

The performances were great, Ben Affleck is great in his portrayal of The Accountant. He definitely somehow manages to convey his charm and charisma even though he’s playing a character that doesn’t show much emotion by having these small quirks like trying his best to smile and his awkwardness when trying to relate to people. The rest of the cast around him is also great too Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and John Bernthal in particular were a joy to watch. The movie overall looks great the action is shot very well it doesn’t use the shaky cam that many movies these days use that make fights an incoherent mes to watch. All of the action looks great and there was something I noticed when I was watching. It was very satisfying the way The Accountant went about his business, all his kills were smart and efficient instead of being drawn out for the sake of drama and watching that felt good for some reason.

Bottom line despite its problems with the story this movie is still a very fun and exciting movie! I had a blast with this movie because of the great characters and the incredible performances behind them. I want to also mention that this movie has a great message about how people with disabilities aren’t necessarily deficient or lesser people but rather they are just people whose abilities can be used to great effect in other unique and useful ways we just have to look harder for them. The Accountant may not be for everyone but if you like action or spy movies that’s a bit on the lighter side you’ll definitely have a good time with this movie. So what did you think of The Accountant,? Let me know down in the comments!  

Should You See It: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: B+