The Magnificent Seven Review


Synopsis: Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.


The Magnificent Seven is a movie that I’ve been pretty excited about as you saw from my ‘most anticipated movies for rest of the year.’ This movie had a lot going for it, a rare western movie, great cast, and adapted from a successful movie. Unfortunately all I can really say is this movie is alright. This movie just seems like it had too many missed opportunities to make a really great movie. I had a decent time watching this movie but I came out of it wishing there was more. It’s refreshing to get to see a western movie which these days are very rare so there was a good amount to like but many things that could have been done waybetter.

The Magnificent Seven has some fun moments but the biggest problem for me with it is unfortunately the story and the characters. The movie starts off great it sets up the conflict and just how terrible the situation the people of the town are in with Bogue exploiting and terrorizing them as well as Chisolm going around rounding up all the members who would eventually become the magnificent seven but after that the movie kind of grinds to halt with a long sequence of them training the towns folk and planning how they’re going to fight off Bogue. I felt like this could have been accomplished quicker and more seamlessly with a montage. That would have left more time for the other thing that disappointed me about this movie, character development. This movie barely had any character development. There were just too many characters to service and many of them felt extremely under developed. Their motivations for joining this fight were either non-existent or very thin. I would have liked to know more background about each character and why they do what they do including the various connections and history the various characters had with each other. You got little hints of history and past relationships some of them had but one are given enough time to be fleshed out. If I knew the characters better and was more attached to them the stakes in the final showdown would have been much more intense and fun. Certain showdowns and fights seem to be going for dramatic appeal but there’s just nothing there because there was no build up to it. The greatest example of all this is Red Harvest, the Native-American member of the seven. He has almost no development or motivations and when it came time for him to face off against the Native-American goon that Bogue employs you don’t feel anything other than “oh… I get it; they’re both Native-Americans so they have to fight…”

Magnificent Seven does look good though, most of the movie looks to be shot on location or on an outdoor set. The town itself actually looks like a real western that’s been lived in and the shots of them riding across the countryside look incredible. The action scenes themselves were shot kind of uninterestingly though, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it just seemed like it was just a lot of static shots of people standing around shooting guns. I will admit they all look pretty cool using the revolvers and looks pretty natural to them even though it’s pretty impossible to be that accurate when you’re fanning the hammer like that, haha. I really did like the soundtrack to this movie it really did give it great a western feel to it and add to the atmosphere.

All in all this isn’t a bad movie by any stretch. I actually had a good time watching it but if some more time was given the developing the characters this movie could have been awesome. Instead we got a mediocre action western with a few good performances sprinkled in there form some talented actors. For me personally I was a little disappointed in it a little more than most because I think it would have been cool to get to know and see more of the seven interacting with each other to really build up the tension and fun in the final confrontation.    


Should You See It: If You’re Bored

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C