Arrival Review


[Life has been a bit crazy and I fell behind on the posting so hopefully I can get sort of back into the swing of things but the reviews might be a bit shorter so bear with me thanks!]

IMDB SynopsisA linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.

Every so often I come across a movie that I have no real idea what it’s about and go into it with absolutely no expectations. These are always fun movie going experiences, Arrival sure gave me that experience and more. Arrival surprised in more than one way from its story, concept, thoughtfulness, and its twist. This movie really makes you think and in a great way.

Arrival’s story on the surface is a simple one about how humans would react to aliens if they landed on earth and how they would try and communicate with them, but it goes into so much more. I particularly liked how scientific and somewhat realistic this movie portrays how we would react to aliens landing on earth. Instead of the usual all-out war, the world tries to study it but with a sense of fear and paranoia surrounding it. However, the biggest thing is the overall message of the movie about human communication and collaboration that it conveys which I thought was a great one. I don’t want to get too specific for fear of spoilers but it left me thinking and with a sense of hopefulness.

The performances in this movie were great particularly Amy Adams gives another great one to add to her already stellar career. Her chemistry with costar Jeremy Renner was a lot of fun to watch and see their partnership grow. I liked that there isn’t really a romantic story line and was never a focus or depend on it like so many other movies. The cast is rounded out by Forrest Whitaker whose presence in the movie is welcomed as the stern yet supportive colonel basically your eyes of the military and government.

What I really enjoyed most about this movie was how it managed to intrigue your interest in a much more thoughtful way than most Hollywood movies do these days. Throughout the entire movie I was trying to figure out what the aliens wanted and how the scientists and military were going to solve the big mystery. What was even more fun was that even after I left the theater it kept making me think about it. It’s not your typical alien visiting Earth movie with action and battles but I highly recommend seeing Arrival. It’ll keep you intrigued and in suspense all while challenging you to put everything together and figure it all out. 

Should You See It: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: A