Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer 2 Reaction

Do you ever feel like there’s something you love but it just keeps changing with the passage of time and before you know it it’s something you don’t recognize or really like all that much? This past week the 2nd Ghostbusters trailer was released and while its miles better than the first one they put out a couple months ago there are still many aspects of it that bother me. It was definitely a little funnier than the first one but I just don’t really like the overall tone of the comedy in general of the movie. It just feels really slapstick, over the top and zany compared to the dry, subtle and sarcastic sense of humor the original had. I would describe it like this, the 2016 remake Ghostbusters is mainly a comedy accented with sci-fi/action elements the 1984 original Ghostbusters was a sci-fi/action accented by comedy elements. The original one had a lot of creepy scenes like the opening library, Dana being abducted, and the intro of the Demon dogs to name a couple. If scenes similar in tone to those were placed in the remake would seem really out of place. My point is this seems like a completely different movie just with the Ghostbusters name on it…

Oh let’s talk about how if you really look into the details of both trailers it looks almost like an exact retelling of the original storyline. It has the opening library scenes, it looks like they have a first job but it’s a concert hall instead of a hotel early on, the Ghostbusters gain popularity and media attention, one of their friends get possessed, the containment unit explodes causing all the ghosts to escape, there’s a supernatural event happening in a building that looks eerily similar to Dana Barrett’s apartment, a meeting with the mayor warning of “mass hysteria”, then a big showdown with a giant white ghost not unlike Stay Puft in NYC… Really!? If you’re gonna deviate so much from the original why not come up with a new story?    

In the end I’m still going to see this because I love the Ghostbusters it was one of my favorite movies growing up and this movie has a great cast. I’m a huge fan of Kristin Wiig and Kate Mckinnon even Melissa McCarthy is pretty funny in the right role. I think Chris Hemsworth’s character Kevin is gonna steal the show, so far he’s the thing that has cracked me up the most in these trailers! What do you guys think are you excited for the new Ghostbusters!? Let me know in the comments!