What Should I Watch: Heart-Pounding Exciting Movies

So you’re sitting there wondering what you want to do. You want something to excite and thrill you but don’t really feel like leaving the house. Instead you want to be taken to a place with heart pounding action where you’re thrown into an epic story that never lets up and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time tense with anticipation and slight anxiousness. Well I’ve got the list of movies for you! These are the movies I love that put me right into the action and don’t always let me feel a sense of safety that everything will work out in the end. So let’s begin!


1. Independence Day

These days Independence Day is considered to be a super cheesy movie, which it is but it doesn’t take away from the intense action and huge set pieces that take place in the movie. This movie moves at a quick pace and creates a sense of massive scale with the special and visual effects that you’re constantly in the thick of the conflict. The feeling of just overwhelming odds against these aliens that are more advanced, greater in number and powerful add to the excitement! Oh and seriously this has the best inspirational speech you’ll ever hear in a movie!


2. Aliens

While I will admit Alien is a much more heart pounding inducing movie I chose Aliens for this list because Alien plays more like a horror movie and my heart’s pounding because I’m scared shitless more than it being due to my excitement. Aliens has still got the same scary Xenomorph aliens but they are instead pitted against the Marines along with Ripley this time which adds to many more exciting action. The atmosphere that’s created by this movie with the set design, lighting and music is incredibly intense and it feels like you’re trying to survive right along with the characters!


3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

All I have to say about this movie really is the T-1000. No but seriously Robert Patrick’s T-1000 Terminator is one of the greatest villains in movies in my opinion. This thing is a one man wrecking crew and nothing can stop it. Seeing Arnold’s lesser model T-800 Terminator try and take this thing on to protect John and Sarah Conner is incredible. The T-1000 is relentless and it makes for some of the best action set pieces as well some amazing effects and cinematography!


4. Jurassic Park

I can safely say this is the best movie made about dinosaurs. One of the more memorable and intense opening scenes to a movie (Shoot Her!). It starts off very optimistic and wonder filled with John Williams’ amazing score, but once you get more into it turns into a heart racing adventure for survival against some of the most terrifying “antagonists” the Velociraptors! This movie does an amazing job of building tension then letting loose in jaw dropping moments!


5. Die Hard

Obviously, I saved the best for last and that’s Die Hard! That’s it. Just go see this movie if you haven’t. If you have, go see it again! You won’t regret it! Enough said!!!


There you have it, my list of what you should watch if you’re looking to be thrilled and excited. Notice they all kind of have a similar theme of being pursued by something greater than the heroes. I guess those just make for the best heart pounding movies. I hope you enjoyed this list and let me know in the comments what your favorite heart pounding movies are! And seriously, go see Die Hard!