Ghostbuster (1984) Nostalgic Review

Synopsis: Three former parapsychology professors set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.



Over the weekend I got the awesome chance to see one of my all-time favorite movies on the big screen, the original Ghostbusters! This is one of the greatest movies ever made. It manages to seamlessly blend a bunch of different genres to create a timeless masterpiece about something as crazy as paranormal exterminators! The writing and the acting in this movie is really what makes this movie so amazing and hilarious without seemingly trying!

First of all, what makes this movie so great is the comedy and the acting by everyone and not just the four Ghostbusters themselves but by the supporting cast too. It’s hard not laugh at the dialogue in this movie. I love the way you can tell who all these characters just from how they’re behaving and talking without having the movie bogged down by exposition having to explain who they are. You immediately know Peter is the smooth talking con man, Ray is the passionate enthusiast, Egon is the scientific nerd, and Winston is the hard working every man. You can tell that a lot of thought and passion went into the writing of this movie by Ackroyd and Ramis as there are bunch of actual terminology from the world of the  paranormal especially Dan Ackroyd’s real life love of the paranormal and occult comes through.

The thing that stands out about Ghostbusters is that when you watch it, it has a creepy almost horror movie like atmosphere yet they’re still able to throw in these hilarious jokes and lines in there without it seeming out of place or forced. The opening of the movie in the library is a great example of this. You have scene that is inherently creepy in mood and yet the dialogue still manages to crack you up! Not only that, Ghostbusters has some of the most famous and quotable lines ever in film that are just pure genius! My personal favorites are “Ray, when someone asks ‘if you’re a god’ you say YES!” and “That’s a big Twinkie”

While this film was made 30 plus years ago many of the special/visual effects still hold up pretty well. You can obviously tell the composite green screen, rotoscoping and stop motion puppets but it doesn’t really draw you out of the experience. I have to mention the prop design because Ghostbusters has some of the greatest looking props every made the obvious being the Proton Pack. They build the thing to look and feel like it could actually exist and the way the actors are moving with makes it seem like it has quite a bit of heft to it and I think that’s awesome! If you can’t tell I really want a Proton Pack!

I think one of the reasons this movie is so endearing to many people is because it manages to create incredibly likable and funny characters and as the movie is leading up to the climactic final battle when the whole city of New York is cheering for the Ghostbusters you feel like you want to cheer right along with them! I honestly could go on and on about this movie but I’ll stop here. If you haven’t checked out Ghostbusters yet go do it! Let me know what your favorite part about Ghostbusters is and also whether you’re excited for the new remake this summer!


Should You See It: Definitely YES!

Theater Worthy: Yes, but probably impossible

Final Grade: A+