Neightbors 2 Review


When their new next-door neighbors turn out to be a sorority even more debaucherous than the fraternity previously living there, Mac and Kelly team with their former enemy, Teddy, to bring the girls down.


I never actually expected to see a sequel to Neighbors but here we are. I enjoyed the first Neighbors, it was absurd but pretty funny. I enjoyed this movie as well; it’s a fun follow up to the first one and just as funny in many of the same ways. One thing I appreciated about Neighbors 2 as opposed to a lot of other comedy sequels seem to do these days is that it doesn’t take the same jokes from the first movie and rehash them or just make them bigger. Even though it’s pretty much the same premise It does a good job of coming up with different ways of making you laugh.

The three main leads are still easily the funniest parts of Neighbors 2, the three being Seth Rogan, Rose Bryne and Zac Efron. I’m actually always surprised by how good Zac Efron is at comedy he’s got great timing and his facial expressions are priceless and of course they use his ridiculous good looks as the butts of a lot jokes but it works. The one person I was disappointed at was Chloe Grace Moretz I felt like she wasn’t really all that funny. She gave a good performance but her character Shelby just wasn’t nearly as funny or ridiculous as Efron’s character Teddy was in the first one. To me it felt like she just didn’t really have an identity throughout the movie, it kept changing and so her comedic moments didn’t really land. With Teddy (Efron) you knew he was the good looking lovable idiot partier but if you asked me to describe Shelby I really couldn’t tell you and I think her character suffered. One thing I did really like was how they explained what happened to some of the frat guys from the first movie; it was cool seeing where they are after the events from the first movie. 

This movie did have some great commentary on the inequality between men and women in terms of the Greek system in college. I didn’t even know this to be honest and even in the movie they make it a point that most of the characters didn’t know either was the fact that sororities can’t throw parties while fraternities can. I liked that they tried to convey a message that girls aren’t there just to be eye candy and there for guys sexual desires at parties. They do a good job of conveying that the girls want to throw parties where they can be comfortable, have fun and that should be ok. Last thing and I know this is just nitpicking but just like the first movie I always wondered why other than the main couple, Mac and Kelly, don’t any of the other neighbors complain about the excessive partying? I mean there are houses on the other side and across the street they must hear all that noise too. Couldn’t they all join forces?

If you’re looking for a movie that’ll be a good time that’ll give you a few laughs you should definitely check out Neighbors 2. Just know you’re going to be in for some crude jokes and outrageous situations. Let me know what you think or tell me what your favorite comedy sequel is in the comments!

Should You See It: Yes, if you’re bored

Theater Worthy: No, go rent it

Final Grade: C+