Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Review

Synopsis: When it becomes clear that his solo album is a failure, a former boy band member does everything in his power to maintain his celebrity status.


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a stupid movie, but that’s not a bad thing at all because that’s exactly why Popstar and Lonely Island are so funny on the whole. It may just be me but I love random and stupid humor. Half the time it’s so random and unexpected that it catches you completely off guard that it’s just hilarious. Not to say that this movie doesn’t have good story either to go along with the great comedy. That’s something I completely did not expect from this movie was to get invested in the characters by the end there were moments where I found myself a bit emotional, which I’m not ashamed to admit.

This movie does a great job of creating an actual story around the concept of the current popstar and celebrity culture with all the crazy drama and social media over sharing. It's done in a really entertaining mockumentry fashion. What really surprised me was how invested in the main characters friendship and how emotional some moments got. For most of the movie they make sure to keep the three main group members separate so you are waiting to see if they get back together. I really started to care for them even Conner (Sandberg) who’s a grade” A” dick for most of the movie.

Of course a movie created, starring, written and directed by the members of Lonely Island would have insanely hilarious, outrageous and catchy songs throughout the movie! So if you’re at all a fan of Lonely Island’s previous work you’ll definitely get a kick out of these songs as well. I am actually looking forward to getting the soundtrack for this movie just to listen to these songs again. Of course there were a couple songs and jokes that didn’t land with me; they just went kind of too overboard.  

Popstar is a lot of fun that also has a bit of heart that should definitely be checked out if looking to have a good laugh. If enjoy the SNL skits or the Lonely Island music videos then definitely check this movie out! So there you have it let me know what you thought of the movie or tell me what your favorite Lonely Island song is in the comments.

Should You See It: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: B