Independence Day Resurgence Review

Synopsis: Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?


There are many movies that I feel never needed to be expanded on or felt like needed to be continued. They were good movies that I enjoyed and felt had completed its story. Independence Day was that for me. I grew up seeing this movie and loved it with all its over the top destruction and cheesiness. Whether the first one is a good movie or not is still up for debate but one thing that's clear is Independence Day Resurgence is not. This super cluttered and very rushed movie had me incredibly disappointed with its lack of story and character development. Trust me, going into this movie I really wanted to love this movie but boy was it a major let down!

It's been 20 years, the human race has united and have integrated the alien tech into their own. After the remaining aliens have sent an SOS signal to their remaining ships the aliens have returned. The story is essentially almost the exact same thing from the first except it feels much more rushed. It doesn't take time to build any sort of tension, it just goes from scene to scene without any real development or sometimes even without explanation. The result is you get these great action set pieces that are visually impressive but you don't feel anything because it doesn't do a very good job of building the stakes up. The main reason for this and also why I disliked this movie so much were the characters. There are just too many of them and it didn't take enough time to develop any of them really. When I thought about it I found myself asking why were there so many of them? There were so may characters that just seemed incredibly unnecessary. I wasn't even sure why they were still in the movie and taking precious time away from more important characters. The biggest example of this is Nicholas Wright's character Floyd Rosenburg. I honestly couldn't tell you why he was in the movie... That character literally adds nothing to the movie and is incredibly annoying for the most part. His character arc of being a whiny desk jockey suddenly turned pseudo-soldier doesn't even make any sense. This is sadly the case for almost a half dozen other supporting characters. That's the major problem, I didn't like any of the characters. I never got attached to them nor did I want to see what happened to them. The characters just never seem to act like they're in any danger in particular during the aerial dog fights many of the pilots just seem way too cool and calm. This takes away a lot of the emotional tension away from alien invasion disaster movie. 

It's not all bad though Resurgence definitely benefits from 20 years advancement in special effects and CG technology and that really shines through with some great action spectacles and aerial dog fighting. It's crazy how many more alien ships they have flying around in one shot compared to the first movie, you get the sense they're fighting a swarm of enemies. I really did enjoy seeing Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman in the roles of David and Whitmore again and they were great yet again. 

This movie was such a huge let down for me I really wanted to like it because I just loved the first Independence Day and this just failed on almost all fronts. The story doesn't really make much sense and the characters are for the most part are forgettable. I'm just going to pretend this movie doesn't really exist and just appreciate the first one for what it was. Let me know what you think in the comments whether my expectations were too high and this movie isn't as bad as I think.

Should You See It: No

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: D