Sausage Party Review


Synopsis: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.


Boy was I surprised by Sausage Party in more than one way. I knew I was in for something crazy just based on the trailers but I definitely was still surprised and even a little shocked by most of the content in the movie. I was definitely laughing for most of the entire movie with a quick pace and a surprisingly coherent story. I felt like nothing was off limits everything and everyone was made the butt of a hilarious joke. This movie is definitely not for people who are sensitive, easily offended or get turned off by crude humor because there is a lot of it. Oh I should also mention right from the get go, this movie may be animated but it is definitely not for kids! It is rated R and for good reason!

As you would expect from a movie co-written and co-produced by Seth Rogan and starring himself is just full of raunchy and crude humor. The movie takes place in a grocery store and follows a hot dog named Frank along with a bunch of other grocery store items as they live each day hoping they get chosen (bought) by their human “gods” and taken to the great beyond. Then some crazy things start to happen as they slowly start to realize that that isn’t the case and that what waits for them after they’re chosen is they are mutilated and eaten by the humans. Sausage Party was a riot, I felt like I was laughing at something the whole time between the dialogue, the representation of the different food and just how nothing seemed to be off limits in terms of what could be made a joke. There were absurd stereotypes of all different races and lifestyles of people including commentary on today’s intolerance of certain view points and religion. t also brings up a funny perspective and thoughts on existentialism. Then there were portions of the movie that were just plain weird and slightly disturbing but still funny because the subjects were for the most part whimsical animated food products. The movie does go off the rails in the third act of the movie as it just dissolves into utter nonsense at certain points especially the very end, which I won’t go into to avoid spoilers but let’s just say it gives a whole new meaning to the term "food porn". Despite the ending, the story is actually solid and there’s a surprising amount of character development and gets you really relating to and caring about the food characters. You may not actually want to eat any food after seeing this movie.

For not being animated by one of the more prominent animation studios out there this movie was very well done. The animation looked crisp and vibrant and the character models looked great. I loved how they differentiated between the view of the world for the humans and the food. The human view was portrayed with muted colors and in a boring way while the foods saw the world more vibrant and in an exaggerated way.  The voice work was great and pretty much starred everyone who you might expect in a Seth Rogan production like Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson etc. Not only that but they got many great stars to round out the outstanding cast like the talents of Edward Norton, Paul Rudd and Selma Hayek. They all brought great comedic talent to their characters. I loved Selma Hayek's Theresa the Taco she was probably my favorite character in the movie. Seeing her voice come out of this ridiculous Taco interacting with all the other characters was gold!

It’s really refreshing to see an adult themed animated movie that pushes the envelope. It’s got a surprisingly good story, amazing cast and some of the filthiest jokes you’ll ever hear. I can’t tell you how much you’ll be laughing throughout this movie but needless to say Sausage Party is shocking and hilarious. If you aren’t easily offended you’ll definitely will want to check it out! Let me know what you think down in the comments about Sausage Party and what other animated movie would you think would make a good R rated version of. 

Should You See It: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: B+