Suicide Squad Review


Synopsis: A secret government agency recruits a group of imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, which inevitably leads to chaos.


The follow up to Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice as part of the DCEU comes Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. Suicide Squad is a unique idea in the over saturated superhero movie market, it’s a team up ensemble action movie but instead of following heroes we’ve got super villains going crazy but doing some good. A concept that worked amazingly for Guardians of the Galaxy sadly it did not go quite as well for Suicide Squad with its uneven tone, poor pacing and outside of a few characters most were pointless. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of Suicide Squad.

I loved seeing some of these comic characters that I have never seen on the big screen brought to life. That is one of the shining bright spots of this movie, the major characters. Will Smith and Margot Robbie in particular as Deadshot and Harley Quinn respectively are incredible. I don’t know too much about Deadshot but that really doesn’t matter because it’s Will Smith returning to his action star roots and giving an awesome performance that makes you feel for his character and root for him. Margot Robbie is the spitting image of the crazy Harley I remember from Batman: The Animated Series. I also have to mention Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was spot on with her brutal, cold and calculating portrayal. On the flip side the other members of the Suicide Squad were kind of wasted and didn’t really have much to do. I appreciate what they were going for trying to create that same fun of mismatched characters coming together and doing awesome things like Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers but it didn’t quite manage that. It was bogged down by having too many characters that didn’t get enough development or what I like to call “cool team work moments”.

The biggest issues with this movie by far is the uneven and chopping editing and the structure of the film. The pacing of the movie doesn’t really flow very well with all the flashbacks, breaks for character moments and action set pieces all trying to vie for screen time. It feels really jarring at certain points. One particular moment is after introducing all the Suicide Squad members it just immediately jumps into the middle of a warzone there’s no build up or time to establish relationships or chemistry. It feels similar to returning from the bathroom after a rough go of it but in this case you never left the theater. Same goes with the overall tone of the movie it’s just all over the place I couldn’t tell if it was trying to be funny, dramatic, dark or shocking. They would just throw a random joke in there in the middle of some dramatic action, I did’t even know if I was supposed to laugh at it.

One last thing I’ll mention is The Joker’s role in the film, it’s very minimal. The marketing and the trailer sort of make you believe that he has a much bigger part. I don’t know if it was just me but I honestly thought he was going to be the main villain but he was not. I don’t want to get into spoilers but there is a different main villain and good lord it was not good at all.

I feel like there was a good movie in here somewhere because there were some really great moments and some fun characters however it just seemed like they bit off way more than they could chew. I can only assume the fallout from the negative reaction to Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice had a small hand in the uneveness with the rumored reshoots and such.  Too many characters to service and a lack of clear focus on what they wanted the movie to be dragged it down a bit.


Should You See It: Yes

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C