Star Wars Saga Movie Rankings


Now that Rogue One is out I wanted to rank the Star Wars Saga as it stands now and tell you where I think it fits into it. So Let's take a look!

8. Attack of the Clones

This movie is just a terrible all around. It’s got a boring story and way too much CGI everywhere. However, the worst thing about this is the unbearably cringe worthy dialogue. Anakin just comes across as rapey and Padme is sending mixed signals all over the place…


7. The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace has got a confusing and complicated plot that when you really sit down and think about makes no sense. Also Jar Jar Binks… The one saving grace of this movie is the Qui Gon and Obi Wan vs Darth Maul Lightsaber duel at the end. I still remember my amazement as a kid when Darth Maul ignites the other side of his double sided Lightsaber!


6. Revenge of the Sith

The best of the prequels and where things start to turn around for the better. This was first to actually feeling like a Star Wars movie like the originals. The story wasn’t half bad and really started to connect you to the originals. It also had some of the most awesome Lightsaber duels in the series!


5. Rogue One

Awesome spin off movie with incredible visuals, fun characters and some great Star Wars fan service. It enhances the original trilogy while neatly leading you directly into them. See my review of Rogue One for more in depth thoughts.


4. Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi was my childhood favorite. It has a fun and exciting first and third act but seeing it as an adult I really can’t help notice the middle dragging a lot. Still the exhilaration of the end still give me chills with the Endor forest battle, the Death Star space fight, and Luke vs Vader duel all happening at the same time! Not much can beat that!


3. The Force Awakens

It was difficult to put this over RotJ but I had to give it the edge because The Force Awakens really captures the fun and feeling that I love about Star Wars and keeps it going the entire run time. Yeah it’s a retread of A New Hope but it does enough things new to keep it fresh and fun. I love all the new and old characters all of whom I instantly got attached to.


2. A New Hope (Star Wars)

The one that started it all. What can I say that hasn’t already be said about this movie. One of the best movies ever made! It introduces you to everything you love about this universe in a very neat package. Awesome characters and villains with amazing special effects for the time, A New Hope never gets old.


1. The Empire Strikes Back

This is the gold standard. The Empire Strikes Back took Star Wars to whole new level by expanding on and diving deeper into everything like the Force, the Empire, our heroes, and Darth Vader. It took the trilogy in a completely different direction and gave a us a movie that made us really invest in it. Also it drops one the biggest WTF movie twist bombs in cinema history!

Star Wars is my favorite movie franchise and holds a very special place in my heart! I for one can't wait to see Episode VIII The Last Jedi. Where will it land on this list and can it dethrone Empire Strikes Back? We'll see!