Patriots Day Review


IMDB Synopsis: The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.

When I first heard about Patriots Day I was very hesitant about it especially considering how recently the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings happened. Even while watching the movie I was still uneasy about it and while this was very intense and at times very hard to watch some of the more horrific moments this movie was well made and tastefully done. I do have issues with Patriots Day but I was glad that the movie focuses more on the bravery and resilience of the people involved.

First off I was impressed with how well the movie flowed; Peter Berg has shown he is very good at taking a bunch of real life events and turning them into an easy to follow and entertaining film. The movie follows a fictional patrol officer Tommy Saunders played by Mark Wahlberg as he is caught up in the events of the bombing. One of my issues is that it’s pretty unbelievable that this patrol officer was involved in every aspect of this from the bombing all the way to the shootout at the end. It’s easy to suspend disbelief in fictional movies but one based on real life events it was a little hard. This movie had some great performances from an incredible cast; in particular I thought Kevin Bacon and John Goodman did a fantastic job bringing their real life counter parts to the screen. Just as the actors manage to make the people involved feel real the movie depicts the horror and terror of this event very graphically. You see many haunting images of people sustaining very serious injuries and graphically so it can be hard to watch at times. It also does an impressive job of spicing together real footage from cameras with the movie footage to great effect. There is a good deal of violence but it’s mostly tastefully handled. One thing I didn’t particularly like even though I understood why it was needed was the characterization of the two bombers. I have no idea how they could have known what they were like before, during and after the bombing. While I don’t sympathize with these horrible scum people I felt it was weird to assume things about them.

In the end though I enjoyed this movie for how it focuses on the courageous people from law enforcement, emergency response, federal agents to the citizens of Boston who stepped up during a terrible tragedy.  It was good to see how strong all the people affected by this tragedy as well the entire city of Boston was and as a baseball fan I was happy to see Red Sox’s David Ortiz’s speech the next day was included in the movie. This movie won’t be for everyone but if you want a brief general overview of what happened Patriots Day will be a good place to start.  


Should You See It: If you're interested

Theater Worthy: Rent it

Final Grade: B-