The Lego Batman Movie Review


IMDB Synopsis: Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.

To say that I loved The Lego Batman Movie is an understatement. Director Chris Mckay has done something really special with Batman that not many other film makers have done before, which is give a Batman story some heart. This movie is fast, fun, and exciting! Exactly what you want out of a Lego based superhero movie!

What Lego Batman does so well is that it incorporates the idea of family and belonging into the story of Batman. Unlike the live action movies and even the animated movies it doesn’t focus so much on the tragedies of Batman’s life but the void that is left behind by it. This sounds a little ridiculous talking about a toy version of the hero but I’ve never seen a more human and down to earth representation of the character. It was great to see Batman learning about how all his relationships shape who he is and see him coming to appreciate that. For such a crazy looking movie on the surface this movie is surprisingly filled with a lot of heart and delves into the idea of Batman’s bat-family and the theme of letting people in after you’ve been hurt by them or lost them.

Just like with The Lego Movie this movies animation is pretty incredible, it actually looks like Legos have come to life right down to the little details like tiny scratches and smudges to the choppy/blocky movement. All the characters were gloriously voiced by some awesome talent starting with Will Arnett reprising his role as Batman from The Lego Movie. He honestly might be my second favorite Batman of all time just behind Kevin Conroy and that’s including all the other live action actors too. Michael Cera was just hilarious as Robin but he also provided the right amount of pure innocence and wonder that this Robin had. Ralph Fiennes and Rosario Dawson were great as Alfred and Barbra (Batgirl) respectively. Zach Galifianakis as Joker was an inspired choice!  

Most importantly Lego Batman is amazingly funny. Great mix of silly jokes to very clever in-jokes and winks at Batman’s vast history. I give Warner Bros. credit for allowing McKay and company to even make fun of their past missteps as well as poke a little fun the critical and negative reception of the current DCEU movies. It’s almost dizzying how many jokes, references and Easter eggs are thrown at you throughout the movie and definitely warrants multiple viewings if you want to catch them all, but that’s also half the fun of this movie. It really rewards all kinds of Batman fans whether you’re a fan of the main films, the animated series, the comics or even the 60’s Adam West series! It even throws in little winks at connections to The Lego Movie itself with terms like Master Builder!

This movie is just a good time all around. A wonderfully heartfelt and crazy fun time that will have you smiling and laughing the whole time. With all there is that The Lego Batman Movie has to offer for all sorts of people whether you’re a super fan or a casual movie goer I can’t recommend this movie highly enough.  Go see it!

Should You See It?: YES!

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: A