John Wick Chapter 2 Review


IMDB Synopsis: After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.

The first John Wick was an impressive and very surprising movie because of its many unique qualities. John Wick Chapter 2 picks up pretty much right where it left off and expands on it narratively and stylistically. I love the simple and yet deep storytelling and the action is still some of the best hand to hand combat and gun fights I’ve ever seen except maybe “The Raid” series. Chapter 2 does a good job giving us what I loved about the first one and expanding on it.

The story is pretty simple again, John Wick is trying to live a peaceful life then someone pisses him off and gets dragged back into the life a pro assassin to repay an old debt. It was great to see them dive deeper into the assassin society and I was happy to see it got more exploration, that was one of the most interesting things about the first one. This very established world of the assassins and the strict rules they adhere to has so much intrigue surrounding it. As for the action, of course it was top notch. The way they shoot this movie is great. The fighting and action is shot predominantly with wide static shots that allow you to see and follow all the intricate fight choreography very easily which is a testament to the work that Keanu Reeves and the rest of the team put in to be able to pull all those moves off convincingly. I also love the attention to detail too, for example how you actual see John Wick reloading on screen and other small stuff like that. John Wick does a good job creating creative fight sequences and situations however it does get a little repetitive as there are only so many ways to kill someone and John Wick kills a crap ton of people. One way I feel this movie is superior to the first one is that they increased the stakes by putting John Wick up against even greater odds by taking away his resources and pitting a bunch more people against him. He seemed more vulnerable in this movie and that just added to the tension throughout the movie.

John Wick Chapter 2 is pretty much exactly what I wanted to see when it came to a sequel to the first one. It is supremely entertaining with great action set pieces. While it does get somewhat repetitive watching a man kill someone one after the other but it does them in enough creative ways that it never bothers you. With a story that’s pretty bare bones and simple it doesn’t get boring because it gives you just enough to get invested in the John Wick’s story and the secret world of assassin’s he’s a part of. Bottom line is if you like a good action flick that will get your fist pumping this is for you!

Should You See It?: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: A-