Logan Review


Logan Directed by James Mangold is the final film in the Wolverine spin off trilogy of the X-Men series. This series starts off poorly but boy does it end on a great note! This is easily one of my favorite movies of the year so far. Amazing performances, an emotional story and some intense action make this one of the better super hero movies of this decade. The thing is Logan isn’t so much a super hero as it is a dramatic character story about a guy who happens to have metal claws and healing factor powers.

The first thing that stood out to me about Logan was how small scale and personal this movie is compared to your usual movie in this genre. It dives into how Wolverine is coming to grips with what he’s done throughout his exceptionally long life as well as dealing with the physical and emotional toll that that has taken on him, like not being able to get close to people for fear that he will eventually have to experience watching the people he cares for and loves die in front of him while he continues to live on. I actually felt many emotions watching this movie and really connected with the characters of Logan, Charles Xavier, and Laura, the girl they rescue from the villains, The Reavers. It was definitely difficult seeing an old weakened Wolverine and a frail Professor X but that's actually why I think I enjoyed this movie so much. It was hard seeing him and Charles like that but because they weren't these unstoppable gods it made them more human and their struggles that much more meaningful! Compare that to the mess that was X-Men: Apocalypse, where there were no stakes, I didn't care about any of them or what happened to them because I knew they were all indestructible. I didn't feel or care for anything in that movie aside from cool action. Logan definitely had some great action and with the R rating they definitely took full advantage of it. Watching Wolverine go on a full berserker rage like never before seen on film with all the blood and gore, I’m not going to lie, was incredible! The action was great but it was the intimate moments between the three main leads that I enjoyed most, especially when you put it into the context of the tragic lives these characters have been through. I especially loved this dinner scene half way through the movie it really showed how much hardships they’d all been through but got to have a small taste of a peaceful family life once more, it was heartwarming and heart breaking all at the same time. I’m a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe fan but it was very nice to see a movie that was a self-contained movie that didn’t set anything up or didn’t rely on past X-Men movies. I thought it was genius they left a lot of that stuff out and left you to infer from the few clues they strung out through the movie as to what has happened and don't bat you over head with exposition like the MCU movies do. If there was one weak point in the movie it was the villains. Donald Pierce really didn’t do much and even the real mastermind behind it all Dr. Rice doesn’t even show up till the second half of the movie to ultimately not do much.

I thought Logan was great, not my all-time favorite X-Men movie but it’s up there just behind Days of Future Past and X2. It had a great story that had a lot of meaning for the characters involved and their legacy. It was the perfect send off for two of the best cast superheroes of our generation, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. I cannot recommend this movie enough go see it!

Should You See It?: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: A-