Your Name Review


Your Name directed by Makoto Shinkai is an anime movie from Japan about two high school kids who continually swap bodies every other day getting to live out each other’s days as they get to know one another through this experience. After hearing the incredible hype surrounding this movie overseas I was lucky in enough to finally see it when it premiered in the US with its original Japanese dialogue. Let me tell you this movie blew me away with its creative storytelling and amazing animation!

The first thing you’ll notice about this movie is just how breathtakingly beautiful the animation is in Your Name. It’s so colorful, clean, vibrant and fluid, there just aren’t enough adjectives! It’s got to be the best-looking anime movie I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the grandness of the scale, there are just certain scenes with these large shots and it looks even more amazing on a big screen! Seriously, this movie is beautiful! This movie looks great but where this movie really succeeds is the story and more importantly the storytelling. It just throws you right into the craziness of the body switching right away without even so much as an explanation creating an exciting and energetic movie as well as incredibly funny. As you’d expect with a teenage boy and girl swapping bodies, it’s hilarious watching them try to live each other’s lives awkwardly. Thus, you instantly fall in love with both the main characters Mitsuha and Taki and root for them the entire movie.

The movie does a great job of never really explaining any of the magic or science behind what’s really going on instead planting many subtle setups and callbacks to things throughout the movie which adds to the fun and enjoyment of the whole experience. I won’t spoil anything here but let me just say that every time you know what kind of movie it is and where its headed the movie pulls the rug out from under you multiple times, which was crazy for me personally! I genuinely felt so many strong emotions and got so insanely invested in the characters that I sometimes forgot I was watching a movie. If I had one complaint it was that there wasn’t more of this movie. Yes, my one complaint was that it ended. The ending portion of the movie felt a bit incomplete and rushed a bit and I honestly wanted to learn and see more of what happens to everyone.  

Honestly this review is not doing this movie justice because I’m not the best writer, so you just need to go see this for yourself. Your Name was exciting, vibrant and funny while also being heartfelt, sad and emotional even gut wrenching at times. Easily my favorite movie of the year so far and even one of my favorite movies of all time. Your Name is something special and it is one that you should definitely check out, you won’t regret it!

Should You See It?: Yes!

Theater Worthy: Yes!

Final Grade: A+