Power Rangers (2017) Review


Power Rangers was a movie that I went into expecting another lazy attempt to cash in on nostalgia but I came out of this movie pleasantly surprised. I’m not delusional, this movie is not perfect with it’s over the top campy aspects and uneven tone nor is it even a great movie but it was a lot of fun. It had a coherent story with some compelling characters and good performances from all the actors. I will admit I loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series as a good and there was bit of nostalgia that played into my overall perception of the movie but I try to leave that out. So let’s take a look at this new gritty and dark take on the Power Rangers.

The shining bright spot about Power Rangers for me were the five Rangers they were all portrayed very well by their actors of relative unknowns. They all dealt with real issues like mental disabilities, bullying, and homosexuality among other things. All these things really help to build an emotional connection with them. I especially liked how they made Billy the heart and soul of the team, because he’s so genuine and kind he becomes someone for everyone else to set aside their differences and rally around. This movie can get emotional and even dark at times. There is one particular scene I really loved, where they all really get to know one another and share their dark secrets. Beyond this is where the movie falls off a cliff for me, ironically it’s when they actually get their Power Ranger suits and Zord Robots. There is this great shift in tone towards the half way point in the movie where it goes from the grounded and gritty take to a campier and corny feel of the original series once they fully get their powers.  Nothing is more representative of this than the character of Rita Repulsa the villain of the movie. In one scene she’s terrifying then goes incredibly over the top and almost comical. This unevenness is bit confusing as to how you’re supposed to feel when it goes from the rangers struggling with serious issues then goes to a crazy lady cackling about finding and eating gold. The action was good but ironically there wasn't many scenes with them in their actual Power Ranger suits. Interestingly even theough that's what we all came to see I ended up liking the parts without the suits more than I liked the parts with them.

Power Rangers was decent attempt at reinvigorating the series. They actually seemed to try at decent story telling unlike some other reboots of classic TV shows.  I really liked all the rangers and they all had great character development and emotional moments that made me care about them, but what set this movie back was its inability to pick a tone for the movie and stick with it. A grounded gritty take on it or a campy over the top take they should have picked one and stayed consistent throughout the whole movie. All in all I enjoyed this movie and was pleasantly surprised by Power Rangers. Fans of the series will enjoy this new take on the Power Rangers but it won’t convince any new fans to jump on board.

Should You See It?: If you're bored

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C+