Wonder Woman Review


Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins had a lot riding on it between being the first major female led superhero movie and revitalizing the DC Extended Universe. I personally was very excited for this movie because it is a new hero that we have previously never seen, which is sad since Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic heroes, part of what’s considered the DC Trinity along with Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman was a great movie I definitely liked this movie more than I thought I would, however it’s not without its flaws so let’s dive in.

I know many people were skeptical about Gal Gadot as Diana aka Wonder Woman but she along with the entire casting was on point. Gal Godot’s performance was an incredibly pleasant surprise. Not only did she handle the physicality of being a super powered Amazon but she shows a wide variety of sides to Diana like comedic, compassion, warmth and most of all her innocence and naivety that she so naturally conveys. Chris Pine performed extremely well opposite of Gal’s Diana, his charm as Steve Trevor showed through and their chemistry on screen was great to watch. The supporting cast were also filled with fun, interesting and awesome characters but one that stood out to me was Lucy Davis as Etta, Steve’s secretary, she was hilarious and pretty much stole every scene she was in. She was only in like six scenes unfortunately…

The story is good here and well-paced but it’s nothing new especially in the superhero genre. It’s hard not to notice how similar this movie structure and story elements are very like Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. Between the wartime hero and the fish-out-of-water story it’s hard not to see the similarities. Also, I must mention the twist in the last act of the movie literally comes out of nowhere I found that a little cheap. There is no build up or clues that this is a possibility when reflecting upon it, it just literally pulls the rug out from under you. What I did like that they did better was the tone. Unlike the three previous DCEU films there is a perfect balance of grittiness, light comedy, upbeat hope and intense action. This was such a breath of fresh air to see not only the dark grittiness Warner Bros. has been trying to achieve with their DCEU movies showing the horrors of war but knew exactly when to show lighter moments like the comedy with Etta or the hopeful moments with Diana’s optimism for humanity. I honestly think that this is the exact tone they should have applied to Superman in Man of Steel.

The movie looked great, there was definitely some heavy use of CGI but honestly it never drew me out of the movie experience, and the scene where Wonder Woman first marches into No Man’s Land was chilling and goosebumps inducing. I found this moment to be Wonder Woman’s “I’m Batman!” or “Superman’s first flight” moment. Lastly I wanted to mention the soundtrack, it was great. I especially loved the Wonder Woman theme and whenever that came on I immediately was pumped up for what was to come!

Wonder Woman is a fantastic movie; I would definitely recommend anyone go see it. I won’t really get into the politics or cultural significance that has been placed on this movie but as a movie and comic book fan I do think this is a big step towards seeing more female driven superheroes because there are many great one’s I’d love to see in action. Led by great performances from a strong cast Wonder Woman was the perfect movie to get me excited again for the Justice League!

Should You See It?: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: B+