Transformers The Last Knight Review


Transformers, the cinematic equivalent of eating a Jolly Rancher candy you dropped on the ground… You think it still looks good but soon after you remembered you hated the taste of Jolly Ranchers to begin with. Holy hell, I can’t believe they’re still making these! Transformers The Last Knight, the fifth movie in the series has somehow managed to be made and it has somehow managed to become the worst one in the series. This movie is just bad, with flat characters, a boring first half full things that are never really explained, and a nonsensical second half in which I didn’t understand half of what was happening or why.

Let’s start with the good, this movie looks gorgeous. If there’s one thing Michael Bay knows how to do its shoot action movies in a way that is very interesting and seamlessly blend visual effects with the live action elements. The Transformers themselves all look awesome and when they transform it looks incredible, the amount of detail it shows is astonishing. I thought the acting was all over the place most of it pretty generic or downright bad but Mark Wahlberg was still great, he was really the only character in this film I thought was genuinely a part of this crazy universe. I really liked Anthony Hopkins even though his character was ridiculously campy and way over the top it just seemed like Hopkins was having so much fun just hamming it up that it was fun to watch.

Now the terrible and good lord as I mentioned earlier some of the acting was terrible or incredibly cartoonish and I’m not really saying the performances were necessarily bad it may have been more the writing and direction but few of them were cringe worthy especially Tony Hale’s character of the NASA engineer. Why was he even in the movie? Which brings me to my next point why the hell is there so much stuffed into this movie? There are just so many unnecessary characters, plot points, and scenes that didn’t need to be in the movie. So many long shots lingering on helicopters just hovering as well as the group of kids at the beginning of the movie that are introduced and then disappear for the entire movie, why have them even in there? Also, what the heck is John Tuturo's Agent Simmons doing in this movie!? Honestly why was his subplot of telling them where to find a book necessary?! These unnecessary scenes made the movie just drag on and on making it feel like the movie just wouldn’t end... Every time I thought the movie was approaching its climax and it would be over soon it introduced another action set piece... this happened like four times! The plot was just nonsense and hard to follow. What the hell was really going on on an overall movie level as well as on a scene by scene level?! The action sequences were so hectic and cut so quickly that half the time I honestly couldn’t tell who was fighting who and what was shooting what. Finally, my number one complaint of this movie and pretty much this entire franchise is not enough freaking Transformers!!! That is why I came to see this but these movies focus way too much on the human characters. It was insanely frustrating to watch when they would show Transformers fighting and then immediately cut back to humans. Not to mention Optimus Prime is absent for like 80% of the movie.

By this point if you’re showing up for a Transformers movie you know what you’re in for. A lot of action, explosions, flashy cool looking things and good looking people with no character or plot development and a paper-thin story. If that’s your thing, then you are going to have a wonderful time but for me it just isn’t enough. I want to have some form of emotional attachment and investment in the characters and what ultimately happens to them. Unless you’re a Transformers movie fan I would skip this one and spend your money on the many other good movies out there right now.

Should You See It?: NO

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: D-