Despicable Me 3 Review


These days the Minions are freaking everywhere and while I’m not overly fond of it I don’t really care too much but I think their dominance has kind of hurt the third Despicable Me movie a little bit. In a way, this is still a movie about Gru and his journey of going from a villain to a good guy but it seems to be sidetracked by a Minions movie within it. I still had a lot of fun laughing at the hilarious jokes and Trey Parker’s villain Balthazar Bratt was awesome but it didn’t quite have the cohesiveness and heart of the first two which I loved.

Despicable Me 3 continues the story of Gru and his ever-growing family but this time he meets his twin brother Dru and is tempted to go back into villainy after working as a secret agent since the second movie. I got to be honest the trailers had me thinking this movie was going to go one way but it turned out to be something completely different, which seems to be happening to me a lot recently. I can’t tell if I’m just misinterpreting the trailers or they’re cutting these trailers poorly. Either way the story is pretty generic, while this movie is very funny and I did find myself laughing the whole time but the whole movie felt a little disjointed. It felt like I was watching 3 different movies and none of them actually intersect at the end. You have the main Gru and Dru vs Balthasar story, Lucy trying to be a mother to the three girls, and then the Minions going on their separate adventure. All the characters end up in the same locations at the end of the movie but they don’t really have anything to do with each other. The emotional payoffs didn’t quite land as much as the first two movies did. I think you were supposed to feel something when at the end Gru decides to stay a good guy instead of returning to villainy but there was no buildup to this since the whole movie he never actually went back to villainy or was even faced with a conflict of the temptation. Similar situation with the other two story lines as well. They weren’t built up or progressed in any meaningful way for it to impact you at the end.

I was a little disappointed with Despicable Me 3 just because I loved the first two but by no means am I saying this movie is bad. As a weekend movie to take your family or group of friends to it’ll be plenty entertaining with some great laughs thanks to the great comedic voice acting of stars like Steve Carrell, Kristin Wiig and Trey Parker. I was a little sad to see Russell Brand didn’t come back as Dr. Nefario although there was a pretty funny joke about what happened to his character in the movie. It’s a fun film but just falls a little short with the story and the emotional payoffs.

Should You See It?: If You're Bored

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C+