Baby Driver Review


There are few movies I come out of these days and feel like “wow, this is something I haven’t seen before” and Baby Driver did it. In fact Edgar Wright seems to do that with every single one of his movies that I’ve seen, to the point where he is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. From the Cornetto Trilogy to Scott Pilgrim he manages to take normal movie genres like zombie movies, buddy cop or comic book movies and puts his own unique spin on them with creative film making techniques. I’d say he’s done it again with the driving heist movie genre with Baby Driver.

The two things you immediately realize at the start of this movie is the creative way this movie is filmed and the heart pounding car chases. It throws you right into it and after having seen all eight Fast and Furious movies and the Bourne Trilogy I didn’t think anything could surprise me when it came to car chases but just in the first chase scene I took notice. You eventually come to learn that Baby has been reluctantly recruited into a life of crime as a getaway driver by Doc played by Kevin Spacey. He’s joined by a crazy cast of other criminals all played well to a tee by John Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, and Jamie Foxx. All three play their characters so well and define just what type of criminals they all are. Not only that but you see different layers to each too like the personas they are trying project as well as how slightly crazy they are on a deeper level when they become a little unhinged. This is where you get the best part of this movie, the insane amount of tension not just from the intense car chases but from the stand-off dialogue exchanges. Yeah this movie is definitely light hearted and certainly has many comedic moments but there are some legitimately scary tension scenes because you can never quite get a read on what anyone will do or what they’re capable of. So you have these long sequences that capture you and keep you on the edge of your seat hoping things don’t go bad for Baby and Debora. The romance between Baby and Debora was really fun to see develop as well and Ansel Elgort and Lily James had great on screen chemistry.  

Edgar Wright as director has a very fun style of filming his movies especially the unusual ways he chooses to position or move the cameras as well as the transitions he uses are pretty creative by incorporating elements of the movie into them. For me it makes for a really fun viewing experience, it’s like there’s a joke in the transitions themselves. I can’t forget the Guardians of the Galaxy like use of music in its soundtrack. Baby listens to music for most of the day due to a hearing problem especially while driving its necessary which by the way is hilariously displayed with the dozens of iPods he owns and carries with him at all times. These songs appear in the movie as diegetic sound as in the characters in the movie can hear it along with us and just adds to the emotion of each scene they’re used in.

The title may be weird but don’t let that turn you off from seeing this movie because it is one hell of a ride. With amazing performances, awesome car chases and some of most intense and thrilling moments this will surely be a movie you won't want to miss. Plus Edgar Wright's zany and creative humor comes across in so many ways like his camera work, dialogue, background and character moments it's hard not love this movie.

Should You See It?: Yes

Theater Worthy: Yes

Final Grade: A-