The Dark Tower Review


The Dark Tower directed by Nikolaj Arcel is an adaptation of the popular book series of the same title by Stephen King. I’ve always heard of The Dark Tower series and have been recommended it by many people but never really took the time to get into it. So going into this movie I didn’t have as many expectations for this film as a lot of other people did. Hoo boy, am I glad I didn’t because I probably would have been sorely disappointed! It’s not an unwatchable movie by any measure but it really doesn’t do much and leaves you incredibly unsatisfied.

First off this movie seems insanely rushed. I imagined a movie based on a book like the Dark Tower to be at least two hours but this movie clocks in at a crazy 1 hour and 35 minutes… That’s too short. There are Disney kids movies longer than that, much less a western/fantasy/scifi epic and it shows too. The plot is rushed, nothing is explained at all and there are very few action scenes. It creates a bunch of interesting plot threads but never gets to take them anywhere and it just ends with a really short and boring fight between the Gunslinger Roland played by Idris Elba and the Man in Black, Walter played by Matthew McConaughey. Idris Elba does a great job with what he’s given and Roland is a cool character but seriously, what a waste! You’ve got an awesome character like the Gunslinger and he barely gets to do anything and has only one good action scene in the entire movie… Literally every cool moment in the movie is in the trailer that's how short and few of them there are. The Man in Black is even worse, this was just a stupid character. I feel like he was supposed to come across as this incredibly intimidating and menacing force but because of the way McConaughey plays him he felt more like a sleazy car salesman. There’s not really much else to say but “meh”. Not a horrible viewing experience, but don’t waste your time seeing this movie there are way better movies out there right now. Terrible storytelling and pacing really make this movie boring for the most part with Idris Elba’s performances as the only shining bright spot.   

Should You See It?: No

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C-