Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review


Valerian City and the City of a Thousand Planets directed by Luc Bussan was an intriguing concept. Based on a very little known French comic book series from the 60's, I wasn’t overly excited for it based on the trailers but I was interested to see a new sci-fi adventure movie franchise. This movie had a few good things going for it and there was the foundation for a good movie in there somewhere but along the way so much crap got thrown at it, any semblance of that went out the window. 

The word I would use to describe this movie is bloated. Every aspect of this movie just has too much going on, from the visuals, story, pacing characters and plot threads. This movie was being touted as a visual extravaganza and while there were some cool things on screen there was just way too much of it that it felt overwhelming and I didn’t know what to look at. As well as the fact that most of it was entirely CGI, nothing felt grounded or real. The movie was also far too long with the story packed with a bunch of unnecessary scenes that didn’t add much to the story. Speaking of the story much of it made no sense, I won’t really go into detail but certain actions taken by the main antagonist of this movie makes no sense for what he was trying to accomplish in addition to the fact it was the clichéd military official covering up a morally wrong operation story line. The story at times does bring up some interesting themes of what it means to do your duty and what it means to do the right thing. I did like the movie when it started diving into that. Lastly the worst part of this movie and the aspect I disliked the most were the characters. The two leads were both incredibly unlikable and had terrible chemistry. Cara Delavigne and Dane Dehane didn’t sell me at all that they were in love with each other in fact I felt like they didn’t belong together so much I think I found myself rooting against them getting together

There was a good movie in here somewhere with better casting and tighter storytelling and less reliance on visual spectacle this Valerian could have a been an interesting new addition to the sci fi comic book genre of film instead we got a pretty exhausting movie with brief flashes of fun.

Should You See It?: No

Theater Worthy: No

Final Grade: C-