Jason Bourne Trailer 1 Reaction

Heck yes! The new trailer for the fifth Bourne movie titledJason Bourne just dropped and it is awesome! (I am a little sad that they didn't keep the same title convention of "The Bourne 'Something'")

This marks the return of both Matt Damon as Jason Bourne and director Paul Greengrass  which is awesome because the two together created the greatness of both Supremacy and my personal favorite Ultimatum! First off its got the obligatory “holy shit, it's Jason Bourne!” reaction line from some government agent, you'd think by now they'd be used to it by now and just go “oh… Him again…” I love that they brought back Julia Stiles character Nicky Parsons back as I loved he character and always wondered what happened to her after Ultimatum also Julia Stiles is awesome and she's not in enough movies these days.

This is a great example of how a trailer should be done. *Cough* (looking at you Batman v Superman) It shows just enough exciting moments but it never really gives you a sense of what exactly the plot is. I love that I'm still confused as to what the movie is exactly but I know what kind of experience I'm in for! Guys and gals I'm freaking excitied for this movie because the Bourne trilogy films are some of my favorite spy movies as well as just movies in general! I never tire of watching them and I can't wait to see what random household item Jason will use to beat up some poor guy that gets tasked to take him on!!!